Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Post 1897 - A Sick Day And A Bus Lament

My migraines kicked in this morning.  I took a sick day.

I pretty much slept the day away.  I got up just before noon and got something to eat.  90 minutes later, I went back to bed, where I slept for another 4 hours.  Finally got up at supper time and have been up ever since.  It's just past 8:30.  After I write this, I'll probably have a shower and go back to bed.

There will almost certainly be a bus strike in Hali starting in just over 3 hours.  Traffic gridlock tomorrow will be unreal.  I do not look forward to driving through that crap.  At least I have a car.  I have no idea what folks will do who do not have wheels or access thereto.  They're usually people who don't make much money to begin with.  As much as I feel for the transit workers who will be hitting the bricks, I have sympathy for the people who require transit to get around.

Growing up, my mother didn't drive.  My older sister had moved out by the time I was 12 and a half.  My dad was the primary breadwinner and driver for the family.  The day after my 16th birthday, he asked me why I hadn't applied for my beginner's permit yet.  I finally got my license that Fall, much later than Dad wanted me to.

Anyway, before that, I knew all about being stuck at home with little means to get around.  We didn't live on a bus route of any kind.  Cabs were too expensive.   Unless Dad were home, we didn't get out much.  We weren't close to our school.  We found things to do around the house, in those pre-internet, pre-cable tv days.

So, trust me: I know what it's like to have to rely on someone else to get me around.  I didn't like it then.  I don't like it now and can't imagine that the working stiffs who will be bus-less in the morning will like it much either.  I feel for the people who need a bus or a ride from a third party to get to where they need to get.

I hope the strike, if it happens, is a brief one.

See you tomorrow.


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