Friday, February 3, 2012

Post 1899 - Weekend Is Here!

The weekend is here.  I am thrilled.

You will be pleased to know that I have successfully digitized the Ada McCallum documentary.  It is a freshly-minted mp4 file that exists on the hard drive of nearly every computer I own, plus my external hard drive and a usb thumb drive.  What was once considered to be close to be a "lost" documentary has now been found and can now be shared by the folks who really want to see it.

I have played back a portion of the show.  It is as fascinating now as when I first saw it in 1998.   If you want to see some old footage of Halifax from during the War, or some reminiscences of what Hali was like back in the day, then you really should see this documentary about Ada McCallum, Halifax madam.

Every morning, I drop off Patricia and drive to my own work.  I have found it convenient to drive on Windsor Street.  I am sure I drive past one of Ada's old brothels.  The house is shown in the documentary, although obscured enough to make it hard to pick out.  I'm told it was on the corner of Windsor and Charles Street, probably across the street from the Jehovah's Witnesses Hall, on the same side as the Sobeys.  I plan to watch the documentary all the way through this weekend and see if my theory is correct.  It may also be the place where actress Ellen Page lives when she's in town.   I doubt very much if I will ever find corroboration for that, though.  I do remember her saying when she was on the David Letterman show a couple of years ago that she lived in a house that used to be a brothel.  Ada had several places in town, but I think Ellen lives in that one.  Of course, I will probably never know.

It has been a long week fraught with stress and grief and other things I won't bore you about.   I'm glad the weekend is here so that I can recharge my batteries and face the week again.

And so that I can learn more about Ada!

See you tomorrow.



Ken said...

So, if I wanted "to see some old footage of Halifax from during the War, or some reminiscences of what Hali was like back in the day," just how do I go about seeing the video?


Bevboy said...

I can make you a copy. Will be in the Valley next weekend. We can hook up.



Ken said...

Perfect. Next weekend I'm around on Friday, tied up all day Saturday, available Sunday morning but busy on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully we can figure something out! Thanks, Bev!