Sunday, February 5, 2012

Post 1901 - Another Sunday

It is relatively late on Sunday night.  I will be turning in shortly.  Newbie is looking at me with that look of his.  Soon, buddy.  Soon.

I slept in this morning to a shameful degree.  I got up and ate something.  Watched a very funny SNL compilation of the best of Alec Baldwin.  I hadn't seen some of those skits in 20 years and they're just as funny now as they were back then.

I finally decided to tackle the laundry, which took me into the evening.  Whilst doing that, I surfed the web for a while.

Someone else wants a copy of the Ada McCallum documentary, so I made a copy thereof.  I am providing these discs for educational and research purposes only.  Not profiting in any way, shape, or form.  Just so you know.

There is something new to learn in that documentary, every time I see it.  I played back a small portion of it last night.  Ada bought lots of land during her lifetime, some of it being in parts of Dartmouth.  Rumour has it that she named some of the streets she had built, after some of her girls.  I looked up some of those streets last night, and they're still there, out past Lake Loon.  Angela Drive.  Eunice Avenue.  Other streets, all apparently named after hookers!

I will watch the documentary many more times.  You don't care, but I do.

Back to work tomorrow.  Business day 3 of the bus strike.  We will leave as early as we can to avoid the heavy traffic.  Wish us luck.

Newbie is looking at me again.  Guess I'll call it a night.

It's a night.

See you tomorrow.


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