Monday, February 6, 2012

Post 1902 - A Long Monday

It's the 3rd business day of the bus strike.  I have to admit, traffic could be a lot worse.  Even after work, when I picked up Patricia around 4:40, and a quick trip to a friend's house on the way home, we got home by 5:25, which is not that unusual.

I have done not much this evening.  There were a bunch of cardboard boxes in the house that I had to break down and prepare for the recycling folks tomorrow.  They make you work so hard for the privilege of taking your stuff.  In the good old days, you could take those boxes and throw them out your window or something.  Today, you have to break them down and lash them together with string or twine.  I am surprised that they don't try to make you use string or twine of a certain colour or  length.

Anyway, a bunch of those boxes will go in my recycling tomorrow.  Which took a while to do.  Which means I didn't have a chance, yet again, to get back to transcribing pieces of the latest Bevboy's Blog interview.  Which I know you're wondering about to the point of distraction.  Which makes me feel bad. Which makes me want to work on it during my lunch hour.  Which means that an email I owe a friend will have to wait.  Which will disappoint me for taking so long to get back to him.  Which will make him not be my friend any more.  Which will made me feel sad.  Which will make the quality of the blog go down.  Which will upset all ten of you who read it every day.  Which will... oh, never mind.

See you tomorrow.


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