Sunday, February 19, 2012

Post 1916 - Now, That's More Like It!

Slept in until so late in the morning, it was barely morning at all.  And, by 2:15 or so, I had to take a nap, not getting up until after 4pm.    Today was one of those days when I didn't know if there was something wrong with me, or if I was just being terminally lazy.  I'd be willing to bet on the latter.

I will be taking Tuesday as a vacation day, in the Valley.  It will be Shrove Tuesday.  I am not Catholic, or even Anglican; but I do not ignore any excuse to check out pancakes and sausage.   Turns out that there will be a Shrove Tuesday supper at the church that's an easy distance from my mother's.  I will probably go there and cover this important event for Bevboy's Blog.

I am learning more and more about Halifax radio history from the FB group I am on that's called "Halifax Radio Memories".  One guy, Scott Snailham, managed to save 100 or more reel to reel tapes from the dumpster when CHNS moved from its old Tobin Street offices to Barrington Street.  It is so interesting, listening to these old radio shows that he managed to save.  A couple are from the 1940's.  It is so sad that 99.9% of this material is lost to us forever.  You may not care, but those of us in the group, do.  It does speak to our cultural heritage.

Have a good evening.

See you tomorrow.


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