Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post 1918 - The Quick Trip Is Over

I am now back in my home.  I arrived here about 90 minutes ago.

Without getting into detail, the reasons for my quick trip to my mother's were resolved to our satisfaction.  Then, the real fun began.

Mom wanted to go to breakfast.  Her new fave place is Cora's, and she goes there fairly often.  We did. 

After the breakfast, Mom indicated that she wanted to get "a few groceries".  A few!  Yeah. Right.  It was more than 3 hours of shopping I will have you know.  Superstore.  Then, she remembered she had forgotten a few things, so we went to Sobeys.  That's fine.  I always enjoy pawing through the bin of old books for 25 cents each and selected a book called "The Wailing Frail" by Richard S. Prather.  I don't think it is a book I will read at work during my lunch hour, folks!

Anyway, we shopped at Sobeys for over an hour.  Then, Lawton's.  Then, the store that sells sketchy meat products in a location not generally known to the public.  Then, the Tin Pan Bakery in Port Williams.  Then, at long last, some 6 hours after we left the house this morning, we finally returned.

I needed a nap, so wiped out was I from the day's excursions.  I got up around 3 and went out to the garage to poke around for a bit.  Around 4:15, I strolled over to the nearby church for the Shrove  Tuesday supper.  I am not Catholic or even Anglican; but I do like pancakes and sausages. 

I ate what they put in front of me before returning to my mother's with some take out.  I hung around her place for a while before driving back here.

Newbie met me at the door.  As I write these words, he is about 5 feet away  in his box, serene in his knowledge that I am back home.

I brought back a couple of things with me.  One of them is really cool and will form the basis of Thursday's blog post.  The other one is an old desktop computer running linux that I have been keeping at my mother's.  I brought it back with me to  install some much-needed updates on this machine.   I will take it back with me when I return to my mother's soon. 

Back to work in the morning.  I missed the place.  Well, on record, officially, I missed the place today. 

See you tomorrow.


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