Friday, February 24, 2012

Post 1921 - The Weekend Is Here!

It's been a long week.  I took Tuesday as a vacation day, but it was anything but a restful day.  I had my birthday as I trudge ever closer to 50.  Just imagine the regrets I'll have then.  Oh, boy!

The transit strike is going to be a long one, I fear.  The union rejected the "last, final offer" this afternoon by a wide margin.  Both sides are digging in, and people who need to get around will have to make other arrangements.  Meanwhile, gas keeps going up in price on a weekly basis.   Double whammy, much?

After work this evening, we decided to get a bite before driving home.  Can't afford to do that every day.

Got home this evening and a mere 2 hours later, I am going to turn in.  Long week.  Need my beauty coma.

See you tomorrow.


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