Thursday, March 1, 2012

Post 1927 - A Day Off

Patricia was pretty sick last night, and even sicker today, so I decided to take a day off work to care for her.  I put on my French Maid uniform and cooked and cleaned for her all day.  When she told me that the uniform wasn't necessary, just the duties, I felt momentarily embarrassed.


It is 10:30.  Unless Patricia takes a terrible turn over night, I will return to work in the morning, just in time to drive through a snow storm.  Patricia will remain here at the house resting and recovering from what ails her.

Newbie has been strangely standoffish today.  He is better right now.  He is next to me as we speak, trying to sleep as I type away.  He has covered his eyes with one paw as if to say, "Hurry up, human! I want to go to bed!"  I will soon, buddy.

The story I related last evening about the radio jock who got fired via email has been met with some surprise by some and a complete lack of surprise by others.  I can see both sides.  Being fired by email strikes me as cowardly and craven.  But, when you consider the company and the people who issued the email, then it is not much of a surprise at all, in context.  I have probably stated too much as it is, so I will leave it at that.

I really should turn in.  I don't want to get what Patricia's got, so I need as much rest as I can.

See you tomorrow.


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