Friday, March 2, 2012

Post 1928 - Wonderful!

I've been home with Patricia for the last couple of days, trying to care for Patricia.  She's finally starting to feel a bit better.  Now, this evening, my throat is becoming scratchy.  I am just up from a 2 hour nap and will return to bed shortly.

Patricia had an emergency doctor's appointment this morning during which she was prescribed some stuff.  Afterward, she got that item and some groceries at the grocery store across the street from my work.  I noted that she hadn't got the 10 dollar gift card as a premium for her prescription.  She asked  what I was talking about .

I told her that, as part of a short-term promotion, the Loblaw's pharmacies will give you a 10 dollar gift card for each visit to the pharmacy.  Not for each prescription.  Each visit.  If you have 2 prescriptions to fill, you get one gift card.  Go back another time and get another gift card for another set of prescriptions.

Anyway, she hadn't been given those gift cards.  Turns out to have been a mistake, an oversight, because switching her account to that pharmacy should have triggered the program for her.  It didn't.  They told her she was owed "15".

"15 dollars worth of gift cards?", she asked.

"No.  15 gift cards!"

He carefully counted out 15, 10 dollar gift cards and handed them to Patrica.  She was feeling faint as she received them.  150 dollars worth of free groceries!  Sweet.

We got some cat food and returned here.  I watched the rest of the episodes of  "Boss", the Kelsey Grammer show where he plays the mayor of Chicago.  Got dinner ready just about the time my throat started getting scratchy.

I may have to dictate tomorrow's blog post to Newbie!  Expect typo's.

See you tomorrow.


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