Saturday, March 3, 2012

Post 1929 - Still Alive

I slept in until noon, and still feel like crap.  My throat is sore and scratchy.  My voice is going through some kind of weird puberty.  I am probably coming down with what Patricia has.  Very sweet indeed.

This afternoon, I watched the most recent episode of  "The Walking Dead".  Just a few more episodes to go before the season is over.  Certain characters like Glenn and Hershel weren't on this week, obviously a way for the producers to save some money.  I guess shooting most of the season on a farm wasn't enough of a way to save cash.

Patricia slept most of the afternoon.  I prepared dinner and we ate it before she went upstairs to have a shower.  She remains upstairs surfing the web while I sit down here in the living room, typing away.

Before much longer I will turn in and try to sleep off this malaise so that I can return to work on Monday morning.  Wish me luck.

Also on Sunday I must get back to transcribing the rest of the Shane Wilson interview.  It was conducted some 4 months ago and I want to share it with youse guys.  There are some really funny stories there that you will want to read.

See you tomorrow.


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