Saturday, March 17, 2012

Post 1936 - Still Feel Sick

Two days before I return to work I still feel like crap. I am still coughing up nasty stuff and sneezing out things colored appropriate to Saint Patrick's Day.

This has been the longest lingering cold and flu I've ever had in my entire life. Wouldn't wish it on anybody, not even the kids who bullied me in junior high school. Well...

Newbie continues to fawn over me the same way a relative hovers over someone who's about to die, as if the brown nosing will result in being named in the will. Newbie's like that with me, which worries me a touch.

Sunday I promise to sleep in in a way that will be studied by scientists in years hence as a textbook example of sleeping in. I will make sure that I am good to return to work on Monday. I miss the joint.

See you tomorrow.

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