Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post 1938 - Filler Post

This is a mess up post.  I erroneously created this post a couple of days ago but never published it.  It's the 1940th post, but is called 1938 for the reason that I created it as a draft and neglected to publish the thing.  My fault.  It throws off the order but not the numbering.  Maybe I should stop numbering these posts?

It is Wednesday morning.  It is already upwards of 16 degrees C, and it's supposed to hit 24C today.  Welcome to the Summer in Nova Scotia!

I have Toastmasters this evening.  I haven't been to a meeting in a few weeks.  Without getting into details, we're heading into a very interesting period in the club's history. 

I start work in about 5 minutes.  Time for my morning pee and then to start my daily labours.

See you later.


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