Monday, March 26, 2012

Post 1945 - To Do List - Update

I was going to write this last evening until I had a chance to publish the Shane Wilson interview.  No problem.  I'll write it this evening instead.

I did not complete everything on my list this past weekend.

I did wash enough pairs of underwear that it wouldn't become necessary for me to borrow some of Patricia's.  Thank goodness.  I'm told that a woman's undergarments should always match the clothing she wears.  I'd be lost, trying to pick out something to wear.

I did more than prepare for the publication of the Shane Wilson interview.  I managed to publish it.  Yay!

During my lunch hour today, I transcribed an audio file in the Julia Kirkey interview.  Still have quite  a few left.  Getting there!

I didn't clean out my car.  The raccoon is safe for another few days.

Dishes were washed.  However, a mere 2 days later, dishes are piling up in the sink again.  I don't have an explanation for this.  None.

I can only bring these items forward to this coming weekend.  I will be at my mother's and hope to be able to steal some time away from all the chores she has in store for me to do some of my own.

See you tomorrow.


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