Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Post 1946 - Late Night Blogger

It's pushing 11pm.  "Dancing with the Stars" is on.  I should probably turn in soon.

Frigging cold day today.  Last week, we were spoiled by the record-high temperatures.  It was back to reality today.  It was so cold this morning.

How cold was it?

It was so cold that I saw the premier walking down Barrington Street, and he had his hands in his own pockets.

That's pretty cold.

I would normally have this Friday off work.  However, I need to work that day, so I have postponed that day off until Monday.  Since the following Friday is Good Friday, leading into the Easter very long weekend, I can complete next week off by taking a mere 3 vacation days, so I put in for that time.  Truth to tell, I had nearly the full allotment of vacation hours from the current fiscal year to carry over to the next fiscal year, starting April 1st.  I will only be using 1 hour of next year's vacation entitlement by taking the 3 days off next week!  It's meant to be.

When I became a civil servant back in 1993, I looked at the people who had been around for years and years.  Among other things, I wondered how they could possibly use 5 or 6 weeks of vacation.  Now that I have 5 weeks of vacation, I struggle not to use that much in the run of a year.  When I eventually get 6 weeks of vacay, I will probably fly through that time as well and wonder how I got by with a mere 3 weeks when I started.  Maybe we should petition for 7 weeks of vacation in our next contract!

Well, one can always hope.

I'll spend the bulk of next week at my mother's.  There's some stuff to be done there.  I will spend the remainder of the week here at my abode, where there's even more stuff to do.

Newbie will be with me at my mother's.  When I don't take him, Mom always asks me, "Where's Newfie?"  When she sees him, her face lights up and she smiles.  Or, maybe, she has gas.  But, in her own way, I think Mom has come around and come to care for Newbie.

When we had a cat, the one who found us back in 1980, we had to keep him downstairs away from Mom.  I'd sneak him upstairs some evenings to be with me.  I don't have to do that with Newbie.  I'm grateful that he has the run of the house, although Mom doesn't really appreciate him being in her bedroom.

Anyway, even though I'll be off next week, I promise to update the blog every day, maybe more than once a day if you're nice to me.

See you tomorrow.


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