Saturday, March 31, 2012

Post 1950 - The First Day

Last night I wrote that my adventures would begin today.



Well, I did go out to my car and clean it out.  I found something like 8 empty jugs that once contained windshield washer fluid.  In less than an hour it will be April 1st, and I hope I will soon be able to move way form buying the Winter stuff and making my own summer washer fluid.  Instead of paying 4 or 5 dollars for one of those things, the home made stuff costs just a few cents.  

In cleaning out the car, I found many back issues of Cottage Life magazine, given to me by a friend at work, and which I forgot to unload from the car, and which have been lugged around by my car all this time.  Sorry about that, Elliott.

We watched 2 episodes of the latest season of Spartacus this evening.  We will watch episode 9 through on demand on Sunday just in time to watch the  season finale Sunday night, or at least to record it.  The finale has already run in the States; I guess somebody dies.  Don't know who.  Probably not Spartacus, though.

Oh, did I mention that we slept in this morning?  And we will again on Sunday?  Will wonders never cease?

I have given thought to remaining up very late tonight to try to watch the Horror Writer's Association webcast.  Their annual awards gala is this evening, starting in about 40 minutes.  But I looked through the list of the nominees and only recognize a few of the writers.  It would be cool to see what Robert McCammon sounds like, though.

Newbie just looked up at me as if to say, "Get off the computer already!  I want to go to bed!"  Who's boss around here, anyway?

I'll be along in a minute, buddy.

See you tomorrow.


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