Sunday, April 1, 2012

Post 1951 - My Sunday

I was up until 2 o'clock this morning watching the Stoker Awards on a webcast.  I know you don't care, but I got a kick out of seeing what some of the writers I always liked, looked like.   I haven't read any Jeff Strand novels, but he was a pretty good MC.  It's too bad that the  lectern was left unattended so often; it's a no-no in Toastmasters to leave a lectern unattended at any time, but it happened over and over last evening.

All in all, it was a good broadcast, and I am glad I stayed up until 2 this morning watching it.

I didn't sleep in as much as I could have and should have this morning, but made up for it this afternoon when I did have a nap.  Despite all this sleep, and a nice evening meal, I continue to have a headache, so I'll probably turn in soon.

Tomorrow, I drive to my mother's for a few days.  I'll probably return to the city on Good Friday.   She has a list of things for me to work on, so Newbie and I will be busy.

See you guys tomorrow.



Jeff Strand said...

You didn't see the ghosts at the lectern???

Bevboy said...

My question is, how did Jeff Strand, noted horror novelist, find this humble blog?

I wish I had written more. I really liked you as MC. You kept things moving along at a good pace. You told some good jokes that I hope made the people you were introducing, feel comfortable and welcome.

I loved how you discussed a reality show for writer's, and acted out writing for a moment.

I don't know if you are a full-time writer or not. I don't know what you did for a living before you became a writer. But you have a good future as a MC for such events.

Keep up the great work.

PS I have some of your books, and will take one of them with me to my mother's for my mini vacation this week!