Monday, April 2, 2012

Post 1952 - First Day Of Vacation

I write these humble, pathetic, sub-par words from my mother's living room. She says hi.

I drove up here this afternoon, after a long sleep and a lazy morning. I had to watch the season ender to Spartacus: Vengeance, which was 18 kinds of excellent.

Newbie and I will remain here until Good Friday, maybe even Saturday, at the latest. There's too much to do at my house to spend all my time here.

My mother has a list of things for me to do whilst I'm here and I will make sure I'm rested up to do that work, starting tomorrow.

Newbie will keep me busy as well. Little bastard.

I have to comment on the previous blog post, the one where I briefly discussed having watched The Stoker Awards. I took a moment to single out for praise Jeff Strand, who served as Master of Ceremonies that evening. I did mention one area for improvement, that being how you shouldn't leave the lectern vacant at any time. You remain at the lectern until the person you introduced is at the lectern. Once finished speaking, that person remains there until you relieve him.

The argument for this is that, absent a person at the lectern, people will just start talking amongst themselves. The lectern, supposedly the focal point of the room, becomes anything but. If there's always someone at the lectern, the focus will always remain there, as it should.

Anyway, somehow, Jeff Strand found that blog post and left a comment! I'm so honored! What noted writers will find me next?

Mr. Strand, once I finish reading "City of the Dead" by your friend Brian Keene, I will read your "Pressure". If your books have some degree of humor, as your MC work does, I am in for a treat.

See you tomorrow.

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