Friday, April 6, 2012

Post 1956 - New Minas Blogging

Greetings from the McDonald's in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

I  write these humble, pathetic, sub-par words after grabbing some lunch here a little while ago.  The phrase "free wifi" is a beacon to me, I tell you.  Bevboy has no shame to speak of.

I visited my sister this morning.  To prove it, here's a picture taken on this netbook's webcam.

Yes, I know.  The hair is beautiful.  I really should give her some of my haircare products, not that she needs them.

I watched the Stephen Hawking cameo on The Big Bang Theory last night before turning in.  It was funny, but the show was funnier when the guys on it couldn't get laid with the proverbial fistful of 50's in a whorehouse.  Now, most of them have girl friends, and even Raj has made it with Penny.  As much as Bernadette and Amy interest me as characters, they should go, for the good of the program.  Nerds shouldn't be getting so much action.  I know this from, er, field experience.

Newbie continues to roam through my mother's house as if he owned it and not  her.  He looks at her in that way that  only a cat can muster.  "This is my house, lady.  But I'll let you live here as long as you feed me on  a regular basis and scratch me under the chin periodically."

Pretty much everything is closed around  these here parts today, being Good Friday and all.  My sister reports that the store she works at was crazy busy last night.  I remarked that this always happens when stores close for just one day.   Folks react as if it were the last day they could shop, ever.  Everybody, stores open again on Saturday morning.  I can wait.  Why can't you?

Guess I will head back to  my mother's.  I've been gone for 2 hours, and she has had time to write down  more things for me to do.

See you later.


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