Saturday, April 7, 2012

Post 1957 - Saturday Night Blogging

It is past 10pm. CBC is running "Saturday Night Blues". I will be turning in shortly and reading a book before turning the lights out.

My brief vacation in the Valley is drawing to a close. Darn it.

This morning I decided to go the Wolfville Farmer's Market. Ate sushi for breakfast while there. As I was leaving, my eyes locked on a woman who was walking in. She said hi. On my Facebook a bit later, she revealed that she was Jodi Delong, talented freelance writer in the Valley who's a FB friend. We were headed in different directions or we could have had a conversation. I very much enjoy the Canning Gazette newsletter she puts together every month. She also writes for the Chronicle Herald and has some gardening books out. Pretty neat.

Went to the Port Williams fleamarket and thence to the Canning library, open Saturday mornings. Learned there may be a wine bar (!) coming to Canning later on this year. The volunteer librarian today turned out to be Marion Ells, who's a blog reader and another FB friend. Have known Marion for many years, more than either of us would care to admit.

Got back to Mom's and put away the screwdrivers and other tools used this week for the work around the house. Tried to take a nap but sleep eluded me.

Spent some time this evening transcribing a couple audio files in the Julia Kirkey interview. Feel bad that it's taken me so long to put the first draft together. Will try to finish it over the next week or so. Hoped to do more this week but time got away from me somehow.

Newbie has been a real scamp tonight. Right now he's on the bed on his side looking in my general direction. Little does he know he won't be here much longer.

Time to dig out that zombie novel. Light reading before turning in!

See you tomorrow.

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