Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post 1960 - First Day Back

I returned to work this morning in good humour.  I left the house much earlier than I needed to because I was craving the coffee at McDonald's.  There is an irresistible allure about McDonald's coffee that makes me cross time and space to access it.  For the cost, there is no better coffee around.  And that frightens me to state that.

Patricia remained off one more day, so I returned home around 5pm.  We did the whole run-across-the-house-in-slow-motion thing that I described yesterday.  The cats greeted me with their usual mixture of disdain and curiosity, rubbing up against me one minute and being aloof the next.

I just talked to Mom a few minutes ago.  She misses me doing all that work for her.  I reminded her of the cucumber I left in her fridge, the one that I forgot to eat last week, but which is still good as long as it is consumed by the weekend.  She thanked me in the same way that the cats thank me when I feed them: that same mixture of disdain and curiosity.

Tomorrow night after work, our TM club is cancelling its regular meeting and going out to supper to the Midtown Tavern in the downtown.  I am still not used to the new Midtown.  For one thing, the new place is clean.  For another, Patricia won't be used to the bathroom being off the kitchen like it was in the old place.  But you have to accept change.  At least the steak is the same.

I'll get some pictures for you as I know you want to see them.

See you tomorrow.


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