Sunday, April 15, 2012

Post 1965 - Where Did The Weekend Go?

It is just past 9:30.  I am using my netbook to write these pathetic words before turning in a bit early.  Newbie is on the bed cleaning himself.

I will have to get up early tomorrow morning and take a shower and wash my hair.  It has reached the point where I have to wash it every morning before going to work or otherwise I am unable to do a thing with it.  I mean it.  I end up looking like Albert Einstein after he stuck his finger in a light socket, one that he probably invented, come to think of it.

As much as I love my beautiful, glorious hair, I cannot keep it much longer.  I have been getting near-death threats from men in my life, and even a few women, jealous over how great my hair looks compared to theirs.  I might normally report these threats to the police, but my hair has become such a burden to maintain that it isn't fun much longer.

This means that I will get my hair cut soon.

But, what to do with the glorious locks left behind?

Do I keep the hair and give out little sprigs of it to people who could make use of it?  They could affix it to their heads somehow and have it take root so that they would have glorious hair as well?  Or, do I give it to kids with cancer or something so that several dozen wigs of my hair could be fashioned therefrom?  Or, do I put the hair on my vegetable garden to scare away the rodents that infest it every summer?

I am looking for your suggestions, folks.  Send them my way.

See you tomorrow.


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