Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Post 1967 - Feeling Better

My migraine, which knocked me out for nearly all of Monday evening, carried over to Tuesday morning.  I emailed in to work and let them know I needed to sleep a few more hours to get rid of the migraine completely.  By 9:30, it was gone, so I got up and went to work.

I feel much, much better today and tonight.  I have suffered from migraines for the better part of my life.  Those headaches are much less frequent now than they used to be; but when I do get them, hoo boy, look out!  I am usually down for the night and into the next day.  Let's hope I don't have another one for a while.

I got home by 5 and had a very nice dinner.  We watched "Big Bang Theory" before I came up here to watch this week's edition of  "The Killing".  I swear, season 2 of the show is even more slow-moving than the first one. It is still watchable, but it is trying my patience.

Newbie is sleepy this evening.  He is nestled up against me with one paw over his nose.  He probably wants me to turn in soon, so I will.

See you tomorrow.


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