Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Post 1968 - A Long Day

So, after work, I had my Toastmasters meeting.  It was our annual Table Topics contest.  After that, I was to drive to the library in  Clayton Park, there to meet Patricia, who was attending a discussion about the Titanic.

The whole Titanic Centennial has been borderline too much.  I enjoy local history a great deal, but I have had my fill of Titanic coverage for at least another 100 years.  That's why I didn't attend that discussion.  Instead, while waiting for Patricia, I browsed the stacks at the library as I don't get to that branch very often, and found a couple of books I wanted to read.

The discussion finished shortly after 8, and we went home.  The cats were starving, as they always are, and Cindy had pissed on the bathroom floor again.  Also, right after eating his dinner, Newbie puked it up all over the kitchen floor.  Charming mess for me to clean up.  Of course, that just made the little bugger hungry again, so I gave him a bit more food.  That seems to be staying down, which makes us both happy.

Tomorrow is my Friday.  I will be at my mother's for a couple of days.  Which is almost too bad, as Vicki Gesner of Maritime Broadcasting Services has invited Patricia and me over for dinner Friday night and to go tearing around on their sidecars; they have a business where they take people out on sidecars and boot them around town.  Vicki has also promised to talk to me about her years of working at Annapolis Valley Radio and in particular working with Terry Thomas.  Terry was a long-time news guy there until shortly before his death in 2000.  His son, Hunter Brule, continues to work there.

But, crap, this weekend doesn't work for me.  Drat.  I hope that we can reschedule this.  Sounds like too much fun to miss.

You guys have a good evening.  I will see you tomorrow, probably late, because we're attending a taping of the Candy Palmeter tv show.  I will tell you about it when I return home.

I'm so excited!

(remember: The second b is lowercase.  Accept no substitutes!)

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