Thursday, April 19, 2012

Post 1969 - I Want Candy!

We are back home from a long night attending the taping of The Candy Show, starring the inimitable Candy Palmater.  She's a native, lesbian lawyer/comedian in Halifax who's building a name for herself in this fair city. She is in the 3rd season of her fine program.  Last week, Patricia finagled tickets.

We arrived at the appointed time.  The taping commenced around 7 and continued until about 10:45.  Yes, it takes that long to tape 2 30 minute shows.  

Attending the taping this evening, with all the stopping and starting and re-jigging of cameras and so on, reminded me of a story that Regis Philbin told on the Larry King show several  years ago.  Reege mentioned that early in his career, he was hosting a talk show in LA or somewhere.  It was NOT a live show.  He was talking with somebody.  The producer yelled cut.  He didn't like the positioning of a flower vase on the set and had it moved to a place he liked better and then had the interview start from the top.  Regis never forgot this and worked live from then on as much as possible.  Who gives a crap about where the vases are?

Tonight was like that.  For inexplicable reasons, the floor director would interrupt Candy in the middle of a monologue, forcing her to stop for several minutes while some real or perceived problem was addressed.  Only then would Candy proceed, usually from the top of the segment.  At least once, she had to restart the program from the top, coming out twice from behind the curtain.  At least I got her to high five me once, and then point to me the second time for the second taping.  

I'm not being critical, at least not much.  I enjoyed Candy's discussion of her youth on a reservation and her oblique discussion of the poverty she endured, with her parents having to save every penny possible.  She found the humour in her situations, and I liked that a great deal.  I just wish that the flow of her talks hadn't had to be stopped to address some concern that may or may not have been important.  

The musical artists were eclectic.  Eastern Eagle was an excellent drumming band.  Paired with the urban Three Sheet, the mashup was very interesting and far more than the sum of their parts.  Ghettosox, or however you are supposed to spell his name, was not my cup of tea at all, but Patricia liked that type of hip hop, so I can't say anything bad.  The fire act at the end of the second taping was excellent.  So was the sandwich that they gave us as a special treat in the second show.  

It was a long night, but overall a fun night.  I am glad I went.  Patricia said she had a great time, too.  

It's already Friday morning, being just past midnight.  Not many hours hence, I must get up and go to the Valley for the weekend.  There's much to do there this weekend.  I will tell you about all about it.

See you soon.


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