Friday, April 20, 2012

Post 1970 - Another Valley Weekend

It is Friday night and I am at my mother's for the weekend. I spend much more time here since Dad died, mostly to help out my mother.

I arrived here late this morning after a late night at The Candy Show taping and running a few errands in Wolfville. I picked up a webcam from someone through kijiji and stopped off at Acadia University for about 30 minutes to see some old friends. By the time I got here, Mom had nearly given up hope that I'd arrive. Sorry.

More errands were run this afternoon, a prelude to tomorrow morning, when we'll be gone all damn day.

Newbie came up this trip and has made the place his own, again. A few minutes ago he was on my lap purring contentedly. Now he's by my feet playing with something. When I go to bed he will come with me until he gets hungry and wants a snack, which is about 10 times during the night. Sigh.

Busy day tomorrow. Heading off to bed.

See you tomorrow.

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