Sunday, April 22, 2012

Post 1972 - A Busy Weekend

I am back in the city after a couple of days at my mother's.  I got quite a bit done.  I didn't transcribe anything more in the Julia Kirkey interview, but I did replace the burned out light above my mother's garage and watch 3 weeks of Dancing with the Stars with my mother, who doesn't know how to use a vcr.  Of course, you youngsters reading this don't know how to use a vcr either, so there you go.

I like to cook a good Sunday lunch for Mom and me when I'm up, and today was no exception.  I prepared roast chicken, about 10 pieces of it, and cooked  garlic mashed potatoes and peas.  There are plenty of left overs for her to munch on during the week.

As I expected, getting Newbie into his carrier was a challenge.  I prepared for it by closing as many of the doors in the house as possible, to prevent him from sneaking into any of those rooms.  I used a broom to nudge him from under the couch where he was hiding and held him down with the business end of it just long enough to grab him and put him in the bathroom so that I could grab his carrier and stuff him into it.  He didn't like it very much.  He didn't "talk" to me all the way back to the city.  He just sat in his carrier, staring ahead and not acknowledging me.  Pretty much like a woman, huh?

Got back here to my house around 5pm.  Patricia said hello and we had dinner.  We watched the news.  Around 7 I came up here and had a shower.  Now I'm typing these words and about to shut down the computer and read a couple of books I borrowed from the library last week.

Even Newbie has come around.  He is on the bed next to me, curled up and probably ready to turn in.  I'm not, but he is.

See you tomorrow, with a big surprise!


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