Thursday, May 3, 2012

Post 1984 - Don't Go!

For years and years, we have been checking out a favourite pub in Clayton Park.  For years, it was called The Copper Penny.  Its reputation went down hill more and more as the food improved.  There was at least one murder there.  There was at least one fire there.  We kept going to because we enjoyed the food so much.

For some reason, they changed the name to Winston's a few years ago.  We continued to go from time to time as the food continued to be good.

After work this evening, on the 2nd anniversary of my father's death, I didn't want to come right home.  I proposed we eat at Winston's.  Dad had always liked it there.  So, we went.

We started with onion rings, which cost 7 dollars.  I didn't count them when we finally got them, but I think they cost about a dollar per ring.  My main course was the clubhouse sandwich with the soup of the day, beef barley.  The sandwich was pretty good: real turkey and bacon with tomato and mayo and lettuce, on multi grain bread.  The soup was a little bland.  In fact, it was a lot bland.

Patricia opted for the striploin.  The best she could say about it was that it wasn't as bad as the steak she had a few months ago at the Lion's Head tavern in the North  End.  I had a sliver of the steak, and I would agree with her assessment.  It was adequate at best.

The meal set me back 50 dollars, including taxes and tip.  I have spent 50 bucks on much better meals in much better places.  Winston's disappointed us, and we're probably not going back, ever again.

I may as well ask you guys.  You can leave a comment here on the blog or on my Facebook. What restaurant or pub or eating establishment of any kind, has disappointed you to the point where you don't want to go back again?  You know, a place like Winston's?

See you tomorrow.



kevin.tillman said...

- Boondocks in Eastern Passage, last time there they ran out of beer the day before, and the food was very bad.

- Peddlers Pub, but its closed now, near the end it was awful especially if you remember their glory years.

Got an app on my droid, that shows all gov't warnings, always interesting to view as your waiting to get served.

Bevboy said...

JJ Rossy's was a favourite place for me to go when it first opened in the late 1980's. We ate there many times.

Over the years, it got worse and worse, more and more disgusting, until they closed their kitchen. They didn't last much longer.

The Elephant and Castle was expensive and not very good.

Lots of places in the downtown started off good, but got worse and eventually closed.

Someone should write a book about restaurants in Halifax that have come and gone. Remember Voila? I never went, but Yolande would take the branch to the place after a certain # of people had left the latest wine and cheese party.

Good times. I think.