Friday, May 4, 2012

Post 1985 - The Weekend Is Here!

It is 9:45 on Friday night.  I was planning to be at my mother's by now, but my eyes felt gritty by the time I got back here, so I decided to rest for "a few minutes".

Some two hours later I got up and ate some pizza and watched "Big Bang" for 90 minutes.  I sleep a lot.   Probably too much.

I will get up very early Saturday morning and drive to my mother's. She has a long list of things for me to do that have to be done, RIGHT NOW.  You know what she's like.

The only question is, do I take Newbie with me?  He mewls so much when I take him anywhere, but I'd miss him, and he would miss me.  However, it is only for one day and a bunch of hours.  Seems pointless to drag him from pillar to post like this for the sake of one evening.  I will likely leave him here.  Or maybe not.  We will see what the morning brings.

I am starting to get some feedback about Halifax restaurants that have come and gone over the years.  I would love to see more.   Write away.

I have an early day in the morning.

See you tomorrow.


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