Saturday, May 5, 2012

Post 1986 - A Busy Saturday

I got to my mother's shortly after 8 this morning. The fun began soon thereafter.

I put the battery from my mother's lawn tractor back in the lawn tractor. It had been resting downstairs all Winter underneath a heat source to keep it in good shape. I decided to mow her lawn at 9 this morning so I did.

Mom reported that the light over her garage didn't come on last night. I checked after I'd mown the lawn and it was burnt out. Which was weird, because I'd just changed that flood light bulb a scant 2 weeks before. I put in the last remaining floodlight bulb from the garage. I'm happy to report that it's working fine this evening. I just hope it lasts longer than 2 weeks. Those things are expensive.

Mom and I headed out to go shopping this morning. I got 2 more floodlight bulbs and we got some stuff at the Wolfville dollar store before going to the grocery store after that. Then we got lunch at Rosie's. Again. It's becoming such a cliche for us to go there. We sit in the same spot every time. The server knows we each want coffee and water. Mom usually wants pan fried haddock.

After lunch we dropped off our purchases at the house. Mom was getting her hair done, but I wanted to get a couple 8gb thumb drives at Staples because they were a really good price. I work with some guys who get thumb drives for free for attending some event. I never have, not even once. I have to pay for mine. Not bitter. Just saying.

Mom got her hair done. We got groceries and returned home. Worn out from shopping with her for 5 hours, I napped. We ate supper and watched Dancing with the Stars.

Mom's napping now so I did the dishes just now.

You're caught up with my fabulous life. Aren't you happy?

Tomorrow will be more fun stuff. Bevboy cooks salmon! Be here! It'll be worth it.

See you tomorrow.

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