Friday, May 11, 2012

Post 1992 - The First, and The Last

Welcome to 1992, gentle readers.

I am not sure how much longer I can keep this up.  For one thing, the years were starting to run together by the early 1990's.  For another, I am not sure how much interest you guys have in this series.

At any rate, 1992 was the first full year I was with Patricia.  The beginning of the relationship was fun for both of us.  I continued to walk to work every day.

The mother of a friend was in a Halifax hospital, ultimately dying.  But my friend's brother came to stay with me for a week.

I met Patricia's mother that  Spring when she came to visit Patricia.  We liked each other.  I would not meet her father until 1993.

I will never forget the day when Patricia met my parents and my siblings.  It was my birthday weekend.  Birthdays have always been a big deal in our family, even when we didn't have that much money to buy stuff for one another.  There would always be cake, usually cake that my mother had made from scratch, sometimes her world-famous chocolate cake.  I asked my mother if it would be all right if I brought someone to the Valley with me that day.  She said sure.

We drove up on that Sunday morning.  I introduced Patricia to my parents.  My younger sister arrived with her husband and their daughter.  Glenda got into a pretend boxing match with my father, and that made Patricia laugh.  We had a nice meal.  The whole family had been planning to buy a microwave oven for Mom. Mom said something about how she didn't care if she got one or not, and Patricia and I exchanged glances. Less than a month later, for her birthday, she got a microwave.

The months passed.  It was a pleasant, agreeable year for us.

Come December my company participated in a needy family's campaign.  We were supplied with the names and addresses of local families that needed assistance for the holidays.  We donated money and bought groceries and toys and candy and delivered that stuff to folks.  Due to privacy laws, there is no way that this kind of thing could happen today, but it could back then.  You can decide whether this is for the best or not.  But I will never forget the young mother who received some gifts from us on behalf of her children.  She looked at us with the look of a woman in desperation who had received some much-needed help, and thanked us profusely.  It made it all worthwhile.

As I recall, we did not spend December 25th together.  She was at her folks', while I was at mine.  We would have exchanged gifts before hand.  One present she got me, I still have.  In keeping with my poor cooking ability, she got me a cookbook called, "How  To Boil An Egg".  Ha ha.

1992 marked my first full year with Patricia, and what turned out to be my last full year with my company.  The story of my departure from the company will be revealed tomorrow.

That is called a "tease" by the way.

See you tomorrow.


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