Sunday, May 13, 2012

Post 1994 - A Pivotal Year

Welcome to 1994, folks!

I have been giving thought to what things to include in this blog post, and what things to leave out.  I hope I have struck the right balance.

In 1994, I turned 30.  Patricia had balloons delivered to my work.

I made it through my probationary period and became a full-time civil servant, with all rights and privileges that brings.  Like... well, I am sure there are some privileges there somewhere.  I will find a couple and let you know.

I got stabbed in the back, figuratively, by a co-worker that year.  I had asked her to let Patricia know about something.  Next thing I knew, I was in my boss' office getting raked over the coals for... well, I am not sure what to this day.  I do know that I have not exchanged more than 6 words with this person in all the years since.  Yes.  I hold grudges.  I still look forward to the day when this person will need me for something.  When that blessed day comes, not only will I not do it for this person, but I will go out of my way, go to the extremes of inconvenience on my part, to make sure that this person doesn't get that which he or she seeks.

I am pretty sure it was 1994 when I first visited the cottage of Patricia's parents (which eventually became Patricia's when her mother died in 2004).  It was "meh" for me the first time.  It was relaxing down there, but I was still young enough not to appreciate quiet things.  Today, I crave that stuff.  That's why I hate trespassers so much.

I would have continued walking to work every day, and continued making fun of all the folks who had to drive back and forth, or take the bus places.  Ha ha.

In 1994 I got a tour of the Theodore Tugboat set.  A friend in Toastmasters, Bill Jardine, was the editor on the show and arranged for a bunch of us to visit the place.  They filmed in an old school in the North End of the city.  You'll remember that the Captain on the show, the narrator, was Denny Doherty of the Mamas and Papas.  Doherty was from Halifax.  Back in the day, as a lad, he attended that very school.  Anyway, it was fun seeing the set and the level of detail that they went through to make it look good for television.

Do you remember the horny neighbour on Three's Company, the older woman who was always trying to bed John Ritter's Jack Tripper?  I had a similar incident in my apartment building in 1994 when a neighbour did everything but throw her knickers in my face and speak like Linda Blair, even through she knew full well I was seeing someone.  She was very lonely it seemed and didn't like that feeling.  She eventually glued herself to a guy in my  TM club.  They were together for several years until he managed to extricate himself from her.  As far as I know, she is still in the city, prowling around, looking for another man.  Beware, single male buddies of mine!

Other things happened to me in 1994, several involving work, but they must wait until December 1, 2018.  Sorry about that.

1994 was a pivotal year for me.  I turned 30.  I became full-time with the government.  I was hit on by a desperate chick.  I look back fondly on 1994.

See you tomorrow for 1995.  A year of retrenchment and mistakes.


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