Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post 1996 - Yawn!

Welcome to the year 1996, folks.

I was watching The X-Files in 1996; it was still a few years before it started to suck.  "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" was just a crappy movie; the show didn't start until 1997.

I saw "Eraser" with Arnold Schwarzeneggar in theaters.

I was still walking to work every day, laughing uncontrollably at all the people who had to drive to and from work day in and day out.  The apartment was getting a little smaller by the day.

Work was going ok.  In the Fall, I got to go to Sydney to train some folks in an application I had developed.  I was put it up in a hotel for the week.  There was still a movie theater on Charlotte  Street back then, and I was able to see 2 movies for 4 bucks.  One was "Eraser".  I think the other was "The First Wives'  Club".

That fat bastard I told you about yesterday was jealous because I was able to go off and do this training.  There was a staff meeting that week and he asked what Bev was doing in Sydney.  Months later, when I was on an interview panel, he mentioned that there was very little opportunity for travel in the job, "Except that Bev gets to go to Sydney sometimes."   Wiener.

Patricia would have bought me something nice for my birthday, and I would have bought her something nice for hers.  We would have exchanged gifts that year at Christmas.

Patricia and I back then were in the habit of spending part of our summer vacations together.  We'd usually spend a week together and then be apart for a week.  She'd go to her parents' place and the cottage.  I would go to spend time with my parents.  While there I would go to movies and read and do cross stitch.  That last part was in case you stopped reading out of sheer boredom.

I paid off some debts in 1996, which made me happy.  But my car was also a year older and kept costing me more and more money.

1996 was a year in which stuff happened to me, but very little of note it would seem.  I got to do some training, which pissed off the fat bastard.  That seems to have been the highlight of the year.  How sad is that?

Tomorrow will be 1997.  More stuff happened then.  I promise!


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