Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Post 2012 - 2012 In Review (So Far!)

Welcome to the first six months of 2012, ladies and gentlemen!

Typically, we go out to a movie on New Year's Day.  Over the years, we have gone from going out New Year's Eve to New Year's Day.  However, the appeal of digital cable with tons of movies coming into the house 24x7 is hard to ignore.  We are tired of sitting through a movie in a theatre, what with people going up and down the aisles for the duration, cutting off your view.  Or they talk during the film in a  faux sotto voice.  And the snacks are expensive.  Other than the really big screen and quality sound, it is hard to find a positive reason to go to see a movie any more. 

Work began early in the year.  Six months earlier, we had been moved from the downtown to where we are now.  There was much grousing about the move, but six months in, people had accepted it, more or less.  I still take my life in my hands every time I cross the street to go to Superstore.  I wish they would do something about the cross walk situation around here.  Someone could get hurt, easily.

Every morning, me and the boys, and the occasional girl, go to the local deli to get coffee.  We discuss things that are of a manly nature, but they let me come along anyway.  The best thing about it is that the deli is in Young Tower, which houses 2 radio stations.  Pretty cool to see Katey Day or Earle Mader or whomever coming in to get a beverage.  When they see me, they look away or at the floor or even the ceiling, until they leave, at which time they resume their regular viewing mode.  I love it there.

I turned 48 in February. Patricia took me to a sushi place downtown after work.  She also replaced the battery in my watch, which is Dad's old watch.

In March, I caught a bug and missed at least 50 percent of the work days there in.  I was sick a fair amount in 2011, but that was nothing compared to how crappy I felt in March.  My doctor took one look at me and signed me off work retroactive to March 1st, lasting until March 19th, I think it was.  I returned to work feeling much better.  In keeping with what I wrote yesterday about family illness time, I put this here blog on hiatus until I returned to work.

I continued to go home to my mother's on a regular basis.  My going home always seemed to correspond with my having to change the floodlight over her garage.  It is screwed into a receptacle that is on a light timer.  At night, the light comes on; in the morning, when the sun comes up, the light goes off.  I have had to put 3 different floodlights in that fixture since January 1st.  As you probably know, floodlights cost considerably more than regular ones. 

Every May and October in the Valley represent clean up months.  You toss out the things you don't want to the curb, up to certain limits and they are picked up.  This year I got rid of a wok and some old mattresses that were taking up space in the garge.  I am already planning what to get rid of in October. 

So far in 2012, I have not interviewed anybody for the blog.  I really must get off the stick and find some folks to sit down with, and soon.  I miss talking to people.  I reached out today to Christina Fitzgerald of Live 105 and Zach Bedford of C100.  Bobby Mac of  Q104 is about to be scheduled.

In April my  Toastmasters club went to its annual off-site, team-building exercise.  This one was at the Discovery Centre during their last big event, Grossology.  I wonder if there is a spell checker in the world that would accept that word, by the way?  Probably not.

My mother turned 80 in March.  The family all held a nice birthday party for her.  I cooked chicken and a roast beef for everyone.  She's doing well for an old lady, still sharp as a tack.  Whatever that means.

Mother's Day this year was nice.  I'd taken her to Cora's in New Minas the week before, knowing that restaurants in the area would have been crazy.  On Mother's Day, I made her a nice lunch again.

Yesterday, June 4th, would have been my dad's 81st birthday.  I celebrated it by thinking about him and going to bed late after playing with my new-to-me laser printer.  I got it through kijiji Monday after my doctor's appointment.  It's a monochrome Samsung without any network capabilities, so it has to hooked up to a computer.  Took about 10 minutes to get this linux machine to talk to it.   I'd circled around the purchase for the last couple of weeks, but decided to get it in the end because it was a good price and the reviews for it were very good, plus it was only a couple of years old.  The woman who sold it to me included the barely-used toner cartridge, which new would have cost me twice as much as I paid for the printer.  She even threw in some paper that was already in the paper tray.  Well worth the little bit of money I paid for it.

It is June 5th.  The year is nearly half over.  In early January of 2013 I will write about the balance of 2012.  So far, though, not much has happened to me, either good or bad.  It has been a year that could be better, but could be worse.  We will see what the rest of the year brings!

Tomorrow, and for the next few days, I will write about other matters.  The first of the week, it's back to the year in review series.  I will set up a special "year in review" label for those folks who want to read the full series.

See you tomorrow.


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