Sunday, June 10, 2012

Post 2017 - A Long Day

I woke up at my mother's this morning.  She and I agreed that I should stay the night there because, once again, she wore me out shopping yesterday.

I returned to the city late morning, but not before once again checking the 57.5 cent light bulb I attached to the electric eye above her garage.  It still worked.  I am hopeful that it will work for months and months and earn its keep much more so than the expensive flood lights I have been using ever did.

I got back here just after noon and immediately fed Newbie.  His food bulb, which I put quite a bit of food into Friday night, was empty.  It certainly isn't now.  He was standoffish with me for a while but soon came around to the point where he is friendly again.  Well, as friendly as cats become.  Ha ha.

It is the beginning of yet another work week.  I don't understand where the weekends go, and why they go by so quickly.

Patricia got back here around 4pm.  We got a couple of pizzas for dinner and each had a square from the package of them that I bought at that bake sale in Port Williams yesterday morning.  There are 4 left and they will probably be gone by Monday evening.

There's work to be done around here.  The dishes, of course.  There are always dishes to wash.  Tons of laundry.  And the back yard needs to be mowed before a family of leprechauns takes up residence.  I'm sure you understand.

Later on this week, we resume the "year in review" series.  Aren't you excited?  Well, aren't you?

See you tomorrow.


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