Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post 2019 - For My New Readers


I gave out some Bevboy's Blog business cards today at a work thing.  The folks all promised to check out the blog.  I take them at their word as gentlemen.

So, once again, hello.

Welcome to Bevboy's Blog.

Bevboy's Blog began in November of 2007 because I needed an avenue to express myself.  I was tired of reading blogs that contained a ton of misspelled words and decided that there was a market for blogs that had fewer misspelled words and didn't have any particular political bent.

Over the years, I began to find my voice.  Or, if you believe in these things, my voice found me.  I began to write about silly things like my distrust of metaphors, and why I don't volunteer for stuff any more, and the like.

I have become best known, and known across the country, for my interviews with folks who are on the radio.  I know that I have had readers in British Columbia, and other provinces.  A guy in California was a regular reader for a while.  Some posts about some international hockey tournament in Halifax led to some amusing replies from Europeans.  Those wacky Europeans!

Of course, every 1000 posts or so, I do the alphabet game.  It's where I ask you, my lovely readers, to supply a letter of the alphabet and a situation.  I must compose a blog post of 26 sentences where the initial word of each sentence begins with the next letter.  So, if you supply "S", and the situation is "my first romantic encounter", the first sentence must begin with a word starting with the letter "S".  The next word, with "T".  And so on, until I have cycled through the alphabet.  I really must do that game again sometime soon.  It's been a while.

I also write posts about things in Halifax that don't make sense.  I have over 20 posts that are "years in review".  I have a series called The Early Bevboy.  The "Year in Review" series will resume shortly.

I do hope that, as new readers, you check out the blog from time to time.  I update it nearly every single day.  There are over 2000 posts of free reading for you.  So many hours during which you can ignore your children and other loved ones.  Put a strain on your marriage!  Tell your gf, "Not tonight, honey.  I have to read another dozen posts of  'Bevboy's Blog'!"  She will understand once she realizes that Bevboy is, in fact, a boy, and not a girl.  Remember: Beverly was a man's name for hundreds of years before women said, "Gimme!".

Welcome aboard!!  Drop me a line via a comment to this blog post, or via an email sent right here!

I'm so excited!!

See you tomorrow.


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