Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Post 2020 - Wednesday Night

Sometimes, things don't work out as planned here at Casa Bevboy.  This is one of those times.

Patricia and I had decided that we would go out to a  movie this evening, after getting dinner somewhere, probably that place that used to be called Opa!, until they had to change their name a year or so ago to avoid copyright infringement.

We wanted to see The Avengers.  Well, I wanted to see the Avengers, and Patricia was agreeing to do so in that "Oh, let's get it over with" way that women sometimes have.  Come to think of it, men sometimes have it, too.  I mean, what man wants to go to a craft show?  I rest my case.

Instead, we discovered that The Avengers has been downgraded to later evening showings, a sign that its days in local theatres are drawing to a close.  We didn't want to go to an 8pm showing at the local cinema.  The downtown cinema still has the show at a decent hour.

Rather than go out to dinner and a movie this evening, then, we decided to postpone it for a couple of days.  Rats.  That meant that dinner was up in the air.  We decided on fish and chips from a local pizza place.  The fish was obviously deep-fried stuff that came from a freezer 10 minutes before we picked up the stuff, and the fries were of the same vintage and origin.

We ate while watching the news.  We watched "Innerspace", a really good entertainment news show on the Space channel that I got Patricia interested in watching recently.  "Big Bang  Theory" came on at 7:30, so we watched that on Channel 9 before jumping over to channel 250 to watch another half hour of it.  By 8:30, they were repeating the show we'd just seen on channel 9, so I came downstairs to write this blog post.   Only I decided to watch a show about early humans on youtube (homo sapiens and neanderthals have a common ancestor!  I'll bet you didn't know that) before beginning this blog post.  But, before that, I corresponded with the person who will be the first of possibly 2 interviews next week.

It's weird how things turn out.  Just because we were tardy going to see The Avengers, and they scaled back the showings, the evening took a completely different turn.  It wasn't a bad turn, just a different one.  What is that saying?  "Drinking a bowl of green tea, I stop the war"?   Or, as it was stated in that old Outer Limits episode, "For every human act there is a moment of decision; a single thought, a breath, a heartbeat... after which all possible outcomes narrow to one."  That one action, or inaction, on our part changed the whole evening.  What happened tonight, had to happen, as a result of what we did, or didn't do.  Capish?

But, I still say it's Patricia's fault.

See you tomorrow.


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