Thursday, June 14, 2012

Post 2021 - Thursday Night

One more day to the weekend.  Will I make it?

We had dinner out tonight at a bbq place downtown-ish called Boneheads.  We go there once or twice a year.  My appetite for barbecued food is limited, and the place is not that cheap, so we don't need or want to go there very often.  But, when we go, we love it.

Thursday night is "Big  Bang" night here at Casa  Bevboy.  It's on CTV for half an hour at 7:30.  Then, at 8, it's on WSBK (channel 250) and Peachtree (channel 51) for a full hour, but they're the same shows, and the second show always repeats the show that was on at 7:30 on CTV.  Then, at 9pm, CBS and CTV run a newer Big  Bang.  Tonight, we were extra lucky because at 9:30, there was a bonus 5th episode of "Big Bang"  on CTV.

(The only problem is that I have a thing, a phobia, about odd numbers. I checked, and nobody has given the fear of odd numbers a name.  I feel sullied.  They have phobia names for the most inconsequential fears, but nothing for my very real fear of odd numbers.  Crap.)

The thing is, I have downloaded the entire series.  I can watch them whenever I want.  Patricia watched them over and over on her computer at the cottage last week.  But, we still flock to the show when it's broadcast.  There is something about the communal experience that is hard to overlook.  It's just the 2 of us, plus the cats, but we enjoy the humour and enjoy each other enjoying the show.  If that makes sense. It is something that cannot be duplicated by just watching the show on a computer in a room by yourself.  Especially when you'd rather be watching porn.  You understand.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Saturday follows that (in Nova Scotia at least.)  There are special plans for Father's Day weekend on Saturday, and I will show you that stuff then.  Bring a hankie!  I think you will like it.

See you tomorrow, my pretties.


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