Friday, June 15, 2012

Post 2022 - Cool Radio News

My friend Gary Tredwell is the new Program Director (PD) at the Evanov radio stations in Halifax, Energy 103 and Live 105.

I put the pieces together this morning.  I had noticed that Gary was now friends on Facebook with Floyd from Live 105.  I had further noticed that Greasy Gary was no longer live on Q104; they were just re-running some of his old jokes.  Friday morning's GG segment was just a joke from some time ago.  I had lunch with Dan Barton in late May, during which I was told that Gary was still in the running for the PD job at Evanov.

I wrote Gary around 9 and asked him if there might be an announcement coming shortly.  He confirmed that he had been offered the job on Tuesday the 12th.  His last live Greasy Gary hit was on Monday, June 11th, although he didn't know it at the time.

As things stand, the Greasy Gary feature on Q104 will end, but PD JC Douglas told me today that they haven't yet decided the how's and when's.

Greasy Gary is one of the most popular bits in Halifax radio.  Gary Tredwell told me he had lost count of the number of people who had told him that they would tune into Q104 long enough to hear GG and then tune back to their regular station.  People who work at the dockyards or on construction sites will not exit their trucks and report to work until Greasy is finished for the day.  

While Greasy Gary is soon to be over at Q104, what remains to be seen is whether the character will make the transition to Live 105.  Let's hope he isn't.  Nobody wants to piss off a construction worker.

Here's the press release:

On The Air Breaking News - Halifax, NS — June 15, 2012 — Paul Evanov, Vice President of Evanov Radio Group, announced Gary Tredwell as the new Program Director for the company’s Halifax radio stations. Effective June 25, 2012, Tredwell will oversee day-to-day programming for CHR formatted CKHZ-FM (Energy 103.5) and modern rock CKHY-FM (Live 105). “Gary is a tested veteran of east coast radio - as a programmer, music director, and air talent,” says Mr. Evanov. “The majority of his work has been in Halifax, where he uniquely understands the competitive and creative forces at work in the marketplace.”

Most recently, Gary launched upstart 89.3 K-Rock (CIJK-FM) as Program Director with Newcap Broadcasting in Kentville, Nova Scotia where the station debuted at number 1, adults 25-54.  “I am delighted to bring all my passion and energy to the Evanov Radio Group,” says Gary Tredwell. “Both Energy 103.5 and Live 105 are great radio brands with excellent people and resources. I look forward to achieving new heights with the entire team.”

Prior to K-Rock, Gary served for 4 years as Program Director with Coast 101.1 in St. Johns, NL. Tredwell’s Halifax career started in 1990 with CIEZ-FM followed by 8 years with Metro Radio Group. Throughout the past 11 years, Mr. Tredwell appeared regularly in-character as “Greasy Gary” on a popular Halifax radio morning show. About Evanov Radio Group: The Spirit of Independent Radio Broadcasting ERG has expanded to incorporate 13 stations in a variety of formats serving communities across Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba. Evanov Radio Group remains a positive force in promoting independent radio in Canada.

My very best, as always, to Gary as he embarks on this exciting opportunity!

See you tomorrow.


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