Sunday, June 17, 2012

Post 2024 - A Neat Purchase

Yesterday, at my mother's, I chanced to look at the shopping flyers she gets every week.  One caught my eye.  It was from Shopper's Drug Mart.  I bought my digital camera from them.  They have a small electronics department in in some stores, although I have no idea why.  This time, they were selling kindle e-readers for a good price.

Over the last few years, I have been building up Optimum points.  I had so many that it amounted to $85.  I could use that as cash toward purchases, including a Kindle.

After we returned from the Valley last night, I went into the Shopper's in Clayton Park.  It was pushing 9pm.  I made my way to the electronics section and saw one kindle on display.  I pointed to it and the sales clerk got it for me.  With my points, I got the thing for about $41.

Today, after I mowed the back lawn, I started trolling amazon for a suitable cover for the kindle.  I think I will instead get a sleeve for it, so that I can remove the kindle from it and read it with one hand, rather than use a cover for it and hold it with two, like a regular book.

I got a kindle for Patricia for Christmas.  Nearly six months later, she still hasn't got a cover for it.  I am a man.  I will select a cover or a sleeve for it this week.

I just can't decide on the colour.  I'd like to have one that goes with my eyes, which I guess would be pink.

Once I get the cover/sleeve for it, I will charge the device and start downloading books.  I am looking forward to playing with it.  It only has wifi.  I would prefer it also have 3g, but one can't have everything, not at that price.

Don't worry.  I will tell you all about this nifty new play thing of mine as I discover all the things it can do.

See you tomorrow.


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