Monday, June 18, 2012

Post 2025 - Tomorrow

I have decided to resume the "year in review" series on Tuesday.  They will begin with the year 1967, the first year in my life in which I remember anything at all.

Please expect these early posts to be brief; however, I will scour my memory logs for every little tidbit of information in my life that I can possibly recall.  Please further note that in my very early years, I read an awful lot of comic books, so I will discuss them quite a bit.  I will be advertising those posts heavily with the comics creators who are my Facebook friends.  Those posts may or may not be to your taste.

These early posts will reflect my life from back in the day.  Comics.  School.  Growing up a bit.  The 1974 post will include getting my very first radio, which I remember quite well.  1975 will be about how I used that radio.  And so on, down the line, until we reach 1986, when the series will end, because I began it by discussing 1987.

Every one of these posts, including this one, will have the "YearInReview" label so that you can easily read and re-read each post in this special series.

It all starts... tomorrow.

Be  here.


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