Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post 2026 - What Does Bevboy Remember About... 1967?

Let's see here.  1967.

I turned 3 in 1967.

In July of that year, my younger sister was born.  I still remember Dad coming home from the hospital, so happy that there was another mouth to feed.  I'm not being sarcastic.  He really was happy.  But there were six people living in a very small house with one bathroom.  And it would be several more years before Dad would have the means to put an addition on to the house.  That incident will be discussed in due course.

It was either 1967 or 1968 when I looked out the living room window and observed my brother getting of the school bus.  He was limping.  We all thought it was an injury in gym class.  It wasn't.

And I'm pretty sure it was 1967 when I looked out my parents' picture window in the living room (I looked out a lot of windows back then!)  and noticed a boy about my age walking down the street, all by himself.  About an hour later, my dad was taking me out for a drive.  At the corner from our house, a man in another truck pulled up beside us and asked if we had seen a little boy walking by himself.  I initially said no, and then remembered the boy, and spoke up.  The man thanked us and took off down the road.  Only later did I find out, from my father, that the boy I had seen earlier was actually that man's son.  The boy had run off somehow, and the man was able to find him because I had innocently seen the kid not long before.  Dad had a pretty proud look on his face.

I had a strange dream that year.  At least, I hope it was a dream.  I was sitting out on my parents' front steps, stone steps that we would later leap off from as if we were superheroes, when a vicious wind whipped up and unlaced my shoes and ripped them off of me.  I was powerless to stop this from happening.  I remember being very frightened

That's about all I remember.  Sorry.

This is usually the point where I point out the things I learned about the year in question and find a way to segue into the next year.  I am not sure how much of that I can do now.  But I will say that in 1968, I would meet a guy I am still friends with.  I would learn a valuable lesson.  And a family member's health would begin to falter.

Be here, tomorrow, for the year 1968 in review!!


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