Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post 2027 - 1968 In Review

Well, this will be fun!

I turned 4 in 1968.

After his death, we executors went through some of Dad's effects and found some things from many years ago that he never threw out for some reason.  Two items are from '68.  Here they are.

I never knew my father to give a lick about sports, so why he would buy a raffle ticket to the 1968 World Series is beyond me.  I can only guess that he got suckered into buying a ticket by someone, perhaps someone he was working for at the time.  The tickets were "only" 50 cents back in the day, but would be the equivalent of a few dollars today.  Dad wasn't making much money, so 50 cents back then would have been something he would have noticed.  Sort of how I noticed the 800 dollars I spent getting the rotors replaced on my car today.  Yikes!

The other thing was some kind of beautification project from 1968 for the part of the province where the family lived (and where my other still lives).  I do not know anything else about this campaign from 44 years ago.  I wonder if Dad even considered putting a bit of paint on the place or planting a garden or something?

Interesting, the flotsam and jetsam that you find, isn't it?

A couple of other things happened to me in 1968.  I met a guy I have remained friends with ever since.  His name is Reg Schofield.  Our fathers were friends.  Dad and I were at his grandmother's; she lived down the road from us.  Reg and I were introduced, and we ran away from each other.  Ha ha.  We would end up attending school together  a year or so later.  I will write about, that tomorrow.

I learned a life-long lesson in 1968.  I am pretty sure it was that year.  Mom was getting groceries one night.  I went into the store after her.  I saw a Mars Bar on display, and I just took it and went back to the car.  Dad gave me a tongue lashing and made me take it back to the store.  Even now, I seldom eat Mars Bars.  Now you know why.

Even though I could not yet read, I looked at comic books that year.  I am guessing I would leaf through the books of my older cousin.  I remember looking at Captain America and The Falcon.  For some reason, the Falcon's costume was green.  It would not remain that way for long.  I saw some Spider-Man comics, too.

1968 was my last year before starting school.  Life wasn't bad.  I played a lot.  Ran around as much as I could.  Just did was little kids did in the 1960's in rural Nova Scotia.

It all led to 1969.  I will tell you about that... tomorrow!


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