Saturday, June 23, 2012

Post 2030 - A Good Day!

Let's see here.

I woke up at my mother's this morning.  By the time I was eating breakfast, she was asking me when I would mow her lawn, since I wouldn't be home for a couple of weeks and nobody else will do it.  I mowed her lawn.  I fixed the door handle on her front door; I noticed it already to fall off when we moved Dad's old hospital bed out yesterday.

While I was mowing the lawn, Mom was digging out some old photo albums, the better to use for upcoming "Year in Review" posts.  Grabbed some of Dad's albums, too.  I will be putting my scanner to good use on Sunday.

I left Mom's shortly after 10 this morning.  I drove to Wolfville to buy some marrettes, wire connectors for some upcoming work in my mother's garage.  I checked my email, and the woman who had been trying to sell me a laptop bag would meet me at 11:30 at the Starbucks in Clayton Park.  I wrote her back and asked if we could meet at noon, as I was about an hour away from there.

I got to Clayton Park a few minutes before noon.  I got a coffee and waited for her.  She got there about 12:03.  I examined the bag for a moment and bought it for the requested price.  She got a Bevboy's Blog business card as a bonus.

On the way to the house, I chanced upon a barbecue put on by Live 105.  I got a couple of hot dogs and some Live 105 swag and drove home.  Patricia acknowledged me.

We ate our hot dogs and I went upstairs to have a nap.  Up by 2:30 or so, I took a shower and cleaned up for tonight's housewarming party at my cousin's in Fall River.

We left the house about 4:50 and got there around 5:30.  We ate more hotdogs and some burgers and some salads and some trifle and drank beer.  Patricia held both of Heather's babies.  I saw some relatives I hadn't seen in quite a few years.  A few I hadn't seen since Dad's funeral in 2010.  Others, even longer.  We left around 9:05.  We got some food from the Fall River Sobeys and finally got back here just before 10pm.  It is now 10:45.  I am listening to Saturday Night Blues on CBC radio while Patricia watched an Adam Sandler movie downstairs called "Jack and Jill", which I'm given to understand is a piece of crap movie.

It's been a long day, and a good day.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

See you then.


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