Saturday, June 30, 2012

Post 2037 - Not Just Yet

The 1974 year in review will have to wait until Sunday at the earliest.  I was busy today running the roads and sleeping in.

We got up late.  We drove over to Dartmouth to try to get some stuff to clean up the smell of cat pee downstairs.  We got a lead from Bobby Mac from Q104, so we drove to a store in Dartmouth, only to discover that it was closed for the holiday weekend.  I guess we should have called first.  Rats.

We had lunch next door at  Cora's before returning to Halifax to pick up something that Patricia bought through kijiji.  From there, we went to the new Seaport Farmer's Market.  I had never been there when it was in full bloom.  Very impressive.

We started to go home only to decide at the last minute to go to Spryfield.  We ended up at the library there, where we had never been.  A very nice library.  I borrowed a Lawrence Block published by Hard Case Crime that I didn't already own.  I love the Hard Case Crime series.  I have the vast majority of all the books they have published, but it's hard to justify spending 30 bucks on any book these days.  I'm glad they're back, but I preferred the earlier series published in smaller paperbacks.  Now, they're either hard covers or larger paperbacks.

We went to the No Frills story for a few minutes before returning to the house.  A very hot day indeed.  The cats are actually getting along today; I guess it's too hot for them to fight today.  Works for us.

Finally got around to watching an episode of season 2 of Game of Thrones this evening.  We may concentrate on watching the rest over the balance of the long weekend.

Tomorrow I will try to get back to the "Year in Review" series.  Very time consuming to write.

See you tomorrow...


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