Saturday, July 7, 2012

Post 2044 - Saturday

The "year in review" series will return in a day or so.

I'm at my mother's this evening. It's pushing 9pm. I will probably turn in relatively soon.

Yes. I took my mother shopping today. As usual, she wore me out. It was nothing that a 2 hour nap didn't fix nicely. But the doctor hereby orders more.

I'm trying to move a small shelf from one section of Mom's garage to another. But I only have one set of arms. Why couldn't I have been born with an extra set? Pisses me off.

Last Monday I found an electrical outlet cover in the garage and used it to cover one of the outlets out there. Found another one this evening downstairs and will cover another outlet out there tomorrow. Not sure why Dad had a phobia about electrical outlet covers. I mean, they're functional. Not attractive, but functional.

I got the cover for my kindle earlier this week. I didn't feel comfy using the device sans cover. Now that I have it, I'm using the kindle. Love it so far. It's like wandering through the world's largest bookstore!

I will return to the city tomorrow afternoon. I miss Patricia and Cindy and Newbie. But I really miss an internet connection.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.

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