Sunday, July 8, 2012

Post 2046 - Another Test

This is a bonus blog post for Sunday night.  It will be a short one.

I just configured my account to produce a tweet every time I publish a blog post.  But, something happened recently such that FB status updates no longer update my Bevboy's Blog fan page.  How sad for my 106 fans, some of whom are not my FB friends.  How sad for them again.

I have been manually updating my fan page, but that is problematic because I might forget to do the update, and some of my fans wouldn't see some of the new blog posts.  Repeat after me: How sad for them.

I just re-configured the account so that not only does it produce a tweet, which will be fed to my FB, but there is now a direct link to my fan page.  At least, that is the theory.

The proof will be in the pudding.  The pudding is about to be published...



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