Friday, July 13, 2012

Post 2051 - A Day Off

Welcome to my mother's!

I drove up this morning after too many hours of sleep Thursday night. When I finally got here, my mother looked at me and said, "You're finally here!" She had despaired of my arrival I guess.

I had a host of errands to run today. For one thing, the last task associated with Dad's estate was performed today. We're all happy that it's over. Relieved.

After several hours of running those errands, I returned here. Newbie, whom I'd brought with me, strutted out to the kitchen and made his interest in dinner very clear to me.

This evening I was gonna do Hell and all. Instead, I've done nearly nothing. It's just too frigging hot.

Tomorrow Mom and I will go shopping. Probably for most of the day. And into the evening. I will return here and collapse on the bed in a quivering heap. Thanks in advance, Mommy!

And, thanks for reading this silly blog post, folks.

See you tomorrow.

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