Sunday, July 15, 2012

Post 2053 - More Heat

I'm back in Halifax.  It was a busy day at my mother's snipping her weeds and installing a shelf in the garage.  I showed that stuff to my mother after I was done.  She hadn't been to the garage in quite a few months and remarked that my gradual cleaning job there is starting to pay off.

I drove back around 4pm.  Patricia returned home from the cottage around 9:15.  We will both be back at the cottage this coming  Saturday, for the better part of 2 weeks.  Yep.  Just 5 working days to vacation.  Can hardly wait.

The second part of the 1982 in review will show up here tomorrow.  I will finish the whole year in review series by Friday.   When I'm back from vacation I will have a few entries in the "life in review" series, which as I mentioned before will contain lots and lots of pictures, most of them obscure pics of family members, most of whom are gone.  A regular reader will be happy to know that her home town will be featured to some degree.

5 days to go.  Let's do this.

See you tomorrow.


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