Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post 2057 - Thursday

Hi.   It's nearly 9:30, and I haven't begun writing the "YearInReview" post for this evening.  A little late to write it this evening, so the series will resume on Friday.

My vacation starts on Friday, and I keep wondering if I will make it till 4:30 tomorrow.  I really need a break.

During my lunch hour, when I usually start writing the first draft of the "YearInReview", I instead went to C100 to spend 10 minutes or so with Nicolle Bellefontaine, filling in for Zach Bedford this week on mid days.  She let me go up in to mcr (the master control room) and take some pictures.  A real radio geek moment or two.

After work I donated some blood.  Patricia dropped by Canadian Blood Services as I was finishing my refreshments, and they fed her too, even though she hadn't donated anything.  Bitch.  From there, we drove to see "Ted", which we loved to pieces.  There was a tiny technical glitch which resulted in our missing a trailer or two.  After the film was over, the manager gave everyone a general admission pass to see another movie.  Totally unnecessary, but a free movie is a free movie.

One more working day and I'm off for two weeks.  Yay!

See you tomorrow.


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