Friday, July 27, 2012

Post 2066 - Belch!

The end of my first week of vacation draws nigh.  I have one more week to go.  As I stated before, I will be returning to the city sometime in the latter part of next week to prepare for a special event to transpire on August 4th.  I will tell you about that as the time approaches.

A friend provided me some constructive feedback about the blog recently.  He mildly complained that I foreshadow things and then state, "I will not discuss that here on the blog."  He found that frustrating because every trifle in my life interests him.


Going forward, when I foreshadow certain events, rest assured that I will give you the payoff and discuss what those events are.  I may not do it at the time, but after they happen, why not?  If there really is something too personal to put here, like stuff about my family that they wouldn't want to get out, then I will simply not bring it up here at all.  Sound fair?

We're trying to figure out whether we should go to the River John parade Saturday night, which presages the fireworks later on  in the evening.  Color me the guy who has seen enough fireworks to last a lifetime.  You make all the effort to get to where the fireworks are, fighting traffic and nearly running over pedestrians on the way.  You stand there for 10 minutes and say, "Ooh!  Ah!" a lot, as if you were treading on a hot beach in your bare feet after the calluses were removed.  Then, you fight traffic again to get back home, once again nearly running some folks over.  All for what?

Patricia is not quite as sick of fireworks as I am, but she's getting there.  Me?  Unless they're the kind of fireworks that erupt from Katy Perry's breasts, I am probably not interested in seeing them.

Maybe we'll stay at home and stare lovingly into each other's eyes instead.


Let's watch another movie.

See you tomorrow.


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